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What is new

Version 7.0 (Oct 31, 2012)

This new major version offers expanded functionality and the technology has been optimized to deliver greater productivity and efficiency.

Microsoft Windows 8 Support (Advanced Batch Converter 7.0 is compatible with the latest version of Microsoft Windows)

- New look & feel of user interface
- Minor and major bugs fixed
- Conversion speed accelerated
- Request feature option added
- Command line interface updated
- 50+ inew input formats
- CameraRaw: new cameras supported
- Artistic masks: make your photos amazing!
- Improved "Crop" tool

Some things haven't changed! Advanced Batch Converter is still the easiest graphic conversion program to use. And it's still the best way to convert your images from one format to another!

Version 6.0 (Feb 29, 2012)

Check out these exciting new features:

- New speed records. We have accelerated image converting speed up to 1.5 times.
- New input and output formats.
- New automatic enhancements.
- Masks. Add artistic masks to your graphics.
- Raw camera support including access to internal thumbnails and other data fields.
- Loading and saving of EXIF GPS fields.
- Loading and saving of Adobe XMP fields from JPEG, TIFF, HD Photo and PSD files.
- Improved batch conversion with multi-core processor support.
- Loading and saving of IPTC data from JPEG and TIFF files (without modifying the original image).
- New PostScript (PDF,PS,AI) loading method (using GhostScript).
- Support for much larger PDF creation through disk caching.
- Interface upbeats.

- BUGFIX: fixed bug saving GIF
- BUGFIX: wrong parameters for multipage TIFF with jpeg compression
- BUGFIX: fixed some minor bugs
- BUGFIX: fixed bug reading/processing jpeg tags with zero length
- BUGFIX: fixed bug reading planar-CMYK with predictor, ZIP compressed
- BUGFIX: fixed problems reading RLE encoded images
- BUGFIX: fixed some minor bugs reading DICOM files
- BUGFIX: reading big-endian 16 bit CMYK-TIFF
- BUGFIX: wrong width/height reading some HDP
- BUGFIX: ondisk cached images cannot exceed 2GB
- BUGFIX: reading some TIFF files
- BUGFIX: bad selection precision
- BUGFIX: fixed memory leak saving ICO
- BUGFIX: wrong image reading color TIFF with inverted fill order

Version 5.0 (Apr 12, 2010)

Microsoft Windows 7 Support (Advanced Batch Converter 5.0 is compatible with the latest version of Microsoft Windows)

- PostScript (PDF, PS, EPS, EPI, AI) support
- Enhanced CameraRAW support
- EXIF tags editor
- Fullscreen mode
- Open File\Folder (Shell) commands
- Now it is possible to load images from resources in PE files (EXE, DLL, OCX, ICL, etc...)
- TIFF: optimized TIFF-CCITT G4 writing, added support for reading >2GB TIFF files (max 4GB)
- DICOM: added jpeg2000 (lossy) decompression
- ICO: enhanced compatibility
- PGM: supported reading of 16 bit gray scale
- Optimized MagicWand performance
- Optimized Reflection method
- Optimized TIFF-LZW loading
- New tools: Lossless cut, Resource extractror (PE explorer)
- New languages: German, Russian

New input formats:


Version 4.8 (Oct 21 2009)

- TIFF: added support for reading >2GB TIFF files (max 4GB).
- DICOM: added jpeg2000 (lossy) decompression.
- Optimized MagicWand performance.
- now supported reading of 16 bit gray scale PGM.
- ICO: enhanced compatibility.
- New Camera RAW formats.
- Minor interface improvements.
- FIXED BUG: reading big-endian 16 bit CMYK-TIFF.
- FIXED BUG: wrong width/height reading some HDP.
- FIXED BUG: ondisk cached images cannot exceed 2GB.
- FIXED BUG: reading some TIFF files.
- and much more..

Version 4.3 (Mar 23 2009)

- Fixed several bugs reading TIFF images.
- Optimized TIFF-LZW loading.
- Fixed memory leak saving ICO.
- Fixed bug loading BMP RAW format.
- Supported loading/saving of Microsoft HD Photo (WMPhoto) file format (requires Windows XP (SP2) with .Net 3.0, Windows Vista)

New input formats:

Microsoft HD Photo (*.hdp, *.wdp), Camera RAW (*.arw, *.bmq, *.cs1, *.dc2, *.erf, *.fff, *.hdr, *.ia, *.k25, *.kc2, *.kdc, *.mdc, *.mos, *.pxn, *.rdc, *.sr2, *.sti)

New output formats:

Microsoft HD Photo (*.hdp, *.wdp).

Version 4.2 (Mar 03 2009)

- New features: Load from URL (http, ftp, https), save to text (Pascal, HEX, Base64, ASCIIArt).
- New effects: auto equalize, gamma correction, auto sharp, inner shadow.
- New tool: web colors.
- New batch mode options: auto crop, resize as percentage of original.
- Fixed several bugs reading Camera RAW formats.
- Added support for planar CMYK TIFF files.
- Now supported LZW compressed TIFF with inverted fill order (8 bit).
- Fixed several bugs reading Camera RAW formats.
- Fixed math rounding problems in Bicubic/Bilinear resampling methods.

New input formats:

DICOM Bitmap (dicom, dcm, dic), JBig (jbg, jbig, jbi, bie), avs, Kodak Cineon (cin), Graphviz DOT (dot), SMTPE DPX (dpx), FITS (fits, fit), FlashPIX (fpx), hdf, Matlab (mat), MIFF (miff, mif), MTV Raytracer (mtv), Palm Pixmap (palm, pal), HP PCL Printer (pcl), Apple PICT (pict, pic), pix, pwp, SUN Rasterfile (sun), Scalable Vector Graphic (svg), TrueType/Postscript font (ttf), VICAR (vicar, vic), Khoros VIFF (viff, vif), xbm, GUMP XCF (xcf), xpm.

New output formats:

(*.psd) Adobe PhotoShop Format, (*.pcd) Kodak Photo CD, (*.cin) Kodak Cineon, (*.dot) Graphviz DOT, (*.dpx) SMTPE DPX, (*.fits) FITS, (*.fpx) FlashPIX, (*.hdf) HDF, (*.miff) MIFF, (*.pict) Apple PICT, (*.sgi) Irix RGB, (*.sun) SUN Rasterfile, (*.vicar) VICAR, (*.viff) Khoros VIFF, (*.xbm) XBM, (*.xpm) XPM.

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User Reviews

" have been using ABC on and off for two or three years - I have tried other graphic editors to create images for my web pages and to edit pictures taken with my digital camera and this is by far the best. Even when I change computers I come back to download it. I can't live without it for long."
Bryan Keough, Canada

"It has taken me a while to adopt the world of digital photography, but now there is no going back. Advanced Batch Converter was recommended to me by a friend -- and as a new user, I'm very impressed! I am new to this program but would highly recommend it -- anything to make life easier!"
Kate Montgomery, USA

"Before now, I've tried all the image converters - especially the FREE ones. Finally, I bought the professional ABC software and found the quality of converted graphics is very excellent. Great software that works real well."
Gavin Wheeler, UK

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